Almost a year after the busy office, retail, residential and recreational Melrose Arch precinct was developed, in November 2002 this Meat Company restaurant opened its doors. The irony is that most of the development was planned around the 'Old Heritage House' that is home to The Meat Company Melrose Arch. The last of its kind, the Old House was originally built in 1940. Stylish, Elegant and masterfully renovated, the majestic house still retains the warm ambience of a home.

A sweeping staircase featuring an impressive array of 3000 bottles of wine leads to the first floor where further dining alcoves can be found as well as an open-air terrace, a large area serviced by its own bar that can be used for private functions as well
as 'Juliet's Balcony' - a quaint private outdoor dining area for two.
8 High Street
Melrose Arch
Athol Oaklands Road
(011) 684 1788